Adventure-Contribution Trips

I love the journey of true transformation through the experience of travel, culture, history, service, art, exploration and community. It’s like “saving a life meets the ultimate vacation experience” and “profound inner transformational workshop meets your bucket list experience.”

Since 2008 I have designed and co-produced Contribution-Adventure themed events to exotic, unusual, historical locations in seven countries for over one thousand of people.

Join me on a upcoming trip or partner with me to co-create a trip. Choose from predesigned trips and experiences or co-design one that is unique to your group or community. Trips can be made to order for Associations, Communities, Organizations, Corporations, Schools and Teachers.

Please go to my main website to learn more at

Past Trips and Event Locations: Canada, Kenya, Liberia, Lakota Nation Reservation, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, and US cities of San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco, Long Beach

Additional Locations: South Africa, Thailand, Burma, The Maldives, Haiti, Brazil, Peru.


If you are interested in partnering with Spryte in the fun, lucrative and rewarding world of travel in the development of trips, please email .

Videos belong to NoRegrets Productions, a Live Your List Company and WorldVentures Foundation / Manifest Foundation and are used with permisssion.

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