An Excerpt from “How Barnaby Got His Wings”

Barnaby: She was a mess when I found her.  That's how I know she was the one I was here to help.  My name is Barnaby.  My name means "The Encourager," and I take my work very seriously, because this is the last time I'm going to be a dog. I'm ascending to the Angel … Continue reading An Excerpt from “How Barnaby Got His Wings”

The Wait.

Love. Is it him whom love is flowing thru that I love? Or is it love itself? It must be both. There is nothing quite like that feeling of this force of nature called Love when it radiates out from another being and we receive it. But when it is matched, then in an exact same moment, by our own cosmic release of this untouchable, unexplainable force toward another, the collision of the unseen is experienced; it is worth every other moment of waiting for it.

I tell myself this, and yet it is the waiting that has caused me so much grief.

The Reoccurring Resurrection of Love

I’m booking a flight tonight to Ecuador. I’m beginning a new chapter, one that feels lighter than my previous chapters. And I’m excited. But when I need to change the departure date because of a lack of seats for the date of my first choice, excitement fades and I feel suddenly numb. I turn away … Continue reading The Reoccurring Resurrection of Love