Hanging Out in South Central with Arch Angel Michael

Do you believe in Arch Angel Michael’s power of protection? If not, this true story may inspire a new possibility. If so, you hopefully will be reminded to call on him often. “What do you mean, we can’t get Police presence?!” “I’m sorry Ma’am; there is just too much going on in LA at this … Continue reading Hanging Out in South Central with Arch Angel Michael

The Miracle of True Love

I knew he would not like my reply to his text. I hit “send” anyway. It was unexpected as unexpected can be. But in it held all the hope in my heart and possibility of the love I longed for all my life. His text read: I can’t go back to Africa without seeing you. … Continue reading The Miracle of True Love

The Reoccurring Resurrection of Love

I’m booking a flight tonight to Ecuador. I’m beginning a new chapter, one that feels lighter than my previous chapters. And I’m excited. But when I need to change the departure date because of a lack of seats for the date of my first choice, excitement fades and I feel suddenly numb. I turn away … Continue reading The Reoccurring Resurrection of Love

Here’s the Real Secret…

A Message from The Miracle Muse Psst . . . Ten years ago, a movie was made called “The Secret,” which was the first of its kind. It opened the door for millions around the globe to learn about the metaphysical laws of the universe that are the keys to living a better life. However, … Continue reading Here’s the Real Secret…