Hanging Out in South Central with Arch Angel Michael

Do you believe in Arch Angel Michael’s power of protection? If not, this true story may inspire a new possibility. If so, you hopefully will be reminded to call on him often. “What do you mean, we can’t get Police presence?!” “I’m sorry Ma’am; there is just too much going on in LA at this … Continue reading Hanging Out in South Central with Arch Angel Michael

The Miracle of True Love

I knew he would not like my reply to his text. I hit “send” anyway. It was unexpected as unexpected can be. But in it held all the hope in my heart and possibility of the love I longed for all my life. His text read: I can’t go back to Africa without seeing you. … Continue reading The Miracle of True Love

The Reoccurring Resurrection of Love

I’m booking a flight tonight to Ecuador. I’m beginning a new chapter, one that feels lighter than my previous chapters. And I’m excited. But when I need to change the departure date because of a lack of seats for the date of my first choice, excitement fades and I feel suddenly numb. I turn away … Continue reading The Reoccurring Resurrection of Love