How Do You Forgive the Unforgiveable?

“I’ll never forget the day I saw him coming toward me in the street. The man who had murdered my father right in front of me. The instant I saw him, I could hardly breathe. I felt nauseous. I wanted to run but my legs were dead weight like my feet were stuck in cement … Continue reading How Do You Forgive the Unforgiveable?

The Unlikely Tale of It

I’m not sure how to deal with it yet. I’m scared, sad, and worried that I may have to find a way to “get used to it”—somehow. You’re wondering what “it” is, and I’m still trying to figure out how to explain to you. “It” is opening my email Inbox or my Facebook page to … Continue reading The Unlikely Tale of It

A Not So Ordinary Day

As far back as I can remember, whenever I saw an ambulance whiz by with sirens blaring, I’d say a little prayer for whoever was in danger. And if I heard the screeching of tires and the crashing of metal, that prayer would be combined with a serious lump in my throat and a swell … Continue reading A Not So Ordinary Day

Why Do I Live in the Most Corrupt Nation in the World?

According to a report called the Global Corruption Barometer report, (published by that made headline news in USA Today, Liberia is the most corrupt nation in the world. I had friends contact me upon seeing this report asking me why I live here? The answer is simple. With corruption of this magnitude the people … Continue reading Why Do I Live in the Most Corrupt Nation in the World?

Liberia – A Strange New Place

It’s taken a week since getting to Liberia to have the realization sink in that I am finally living in Africa – a dream I’ve had since 2008, when I began offering and leading humanitarian service trips to developing nations. It took sitting on my balcony with a cup of coffee, staring out at the … Continue reading Liberia – A Strange New Place