The Wait.

Love. Is it him whom love is flowing thru that I love? Or is it love itself? It must be both. There is nothing quite like that feeling of this force of nature called Love when it radiates out from another being and we receive it. But when it is matched, then in an exact same moment, by our own cosmic release of this untouchable, unexplainable force toward another, the collision of the unseen is experienced; it is worth every other moment of waiting for it. I tell myself this, and yet it is the waiting that has caused me so much grief.

A Not So Ordinary Day

As far back as I can remember, whenever I saw an ambulance whiz by with sirens blaring, I’d say a little prayer for whoever was in danger. And if I heard the screeching of tires and the crashing of metal, that prayer would be combined with a serious lump in my throat and a swell … Continue reading A Not So Ordinary Day

What are you for?

I have a story to tell you. Today I danced for freedom. I danced for the rights of women and children to live a life free of abuse. I danced, though the campaign that inspired me—along with millions of others in two hundred countries—was promoted as a protest against violence. The campaign is called … Continue reading What are you for?

Love the Child

To the child that is still in you and me To the child who is living in poverty To the children who are longing to be loved, and to be free To the children who are still chained in slavery... We are fighting for you because we know you cannot We hear your silent screams … Continue reading Love the Child

Impressions on Christmas Eve Morning

This has been an unusual holiday for me; choosing to spend time in silence, reflection, meditation, self-discovery versus with friends and family. This holiday marks a transition into a new era collectively, and certainly, my life is a reflection of that. I actually feel myself embarking on yet the greatest shift of my life. There is a … Continue reading Impressions on Christmas Eve Morning