Meet Spryte Loriano


Raised by a single mother with six children in the midwest, Spryte Loriano opened her first business at age 23 to become an award-winning book publisher, named Small Press Publisher of the Year, within five years, before launching a multi-million dollar Closeout/Liquidations Brokering business. Living penthouse-large in Southern California, her “destiny tap” brought her face to face with her ego, left her broke and a waitress in Los Angeles, where she began following what she calls her “purpose of service.” Diving into her own spiritual and personal development, she then wanted to help others awaken, and she trained to become an Emotional Trauma and Personal Empowerment Therapist and developed and led Spiritual and Sexual Recovery Workshops for Women. She later became a leader in the direct sales industry, gaining financial freedom in a short time, and launched an internet fundraising campaign in 2006, called FEED333 which fed 1.2million children in the US, and which co-sponsored the three largest single day food distributions in US History, partnering with Feed the Children, Salvation Army, and the NBA Players Assn.


Spryte went on to co-found a multi-million dollar direct sales company which brought together over 6500 social entrepreneurs and provided over $1.8 million in humanitarian aid in ten countries. For nearly a decade, as an International Speaker and Transformational Leader, she’s been crafting a unique form of “Contribution-Travel” that over 1400 participants have experienced now on four continents, and that has uplifted tens of thousands of families and educators with clean water and education and empowerment. Spryte recently turned this greatest passion of hers, into a Transformational Docu-Reality Tv Series, called AwakeningGIANTS which was set to release in 2020 prior to COVID shutting down production

A global humanitarian, raising millions of dollars for people and causes, in 2016 she co-founded The Waterbearers, a movement to inspire women who have access to clean water to get it to those who do not. The Waterbearers has since funded clean water initiatives impacting more than 800,000 people and is operating now in 33 countries. She was living in Liberia training post-war Teachers in self-esteem building and leadership mindset skills, before and during the Ebola outbreak, and now resides in Ecuador, where she is leading a global gathering of changemakers to reconnect with plant wisdom to lift our collective vibrational frequency. Join the experience for free at

Spryte’s business and humanitarian efforts have been featured on Fox News Los Angeles and Dallas, ABC News Phoenix, CNN, Kenya and Liberia TV, and UN Radio.


• Graduated Summa Cum Laude, Class Valedictorian, FIDM Los Angeles, 1987 • Recipient of the Civic Consciousness Award 1987  • Recipient of the President’s Vision Award, 1987 • Small Press Publisher of the Year, 1995 • Published Book Author, 2006 • Children’s Champion 2006, Children’s Hunger Fund • Inspirational Speaker in the United States, Canada, Africa, New Zealand, Ecuador, India, and the U.K. • Founding member of the Association of Transformational Leaders •

She can be reached at

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