Welcome to MiracleMuse – my blog site!

I started this site at the end of 2012 after speaking to a friend about the exciting shifts in my life. She suggested I start a blog because my passion has always been to write (I journal every morning for fifteen years now, and started journaling regulary as a teenager). I published my first book in 2005. Its now out of print; though a collectible is still offered by Amazon.com for $59.95! (LOL) The title: 9 Secret Ingredients of a DELICIOUS Life : A 90 Day Recipe for Lifelong Freedom . I let it go out of print because not all of it speaks to me any longer. What does still speak to me, so I’ll share that with you, is what “DELICIOUS” stands for. It’s an acronym for Deservedness, Enlightenment, Laughter, Integrity, Cocreation, Imagination, Omnipresence, Unconditional Love and Service – these are still the principles I still live my life by.

As of November 29, 2020, I have just completed writing my second book, “When Barnaby Got His Wings,” which I channeled with my beloved four-legged Soul Mate, Barnaby (aka, Bubby), who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 7, 2019, and am embarking on the journey of bringing his messages of awakening and true love from the Other Side. It has been recorded by myself and Bob Doyle (Star of the movie The Secret) as the voice of Barnaby, and will launch on Audible in 2021.

As a transformational-life event producer, docu-series and multi-media producer and global humanitarian with an in-depth and varied background in emotional trauma therapy, speaking, teaching and health-wellness, I’ve spent the last twelve years of my career dedicated to humanitarian service. You can read more about me under Meet Spryte Loriano.

So, what you will find on this site are my Blog Posts that mostly center around the theme of living a miracle-filled life, and the often messy, emotional and spiritual self-discovery journey that comes with it! 
I’ll be sharing my true miracle stories and messages as a self-proclaimed global citizen and mystic.  Having studied world religions, consciousness development processes such as Rebirthing, Reparenting, Primal Scream, Gestalt Therapy, SHEN, Reiki, Tantra, Yoga and more, from a young age, I forever remain a student, as well as a teacher. My personal mission is to abundantly share my inner light and to inspire myself and others to discover and live as the magical God(Dog) Source Energy WE truly are.

So, welcome to my heart, passion, and vulnerable writings. I look forward to teaching and learning, waking up and going deeper with you.

You can also see more of what I am up to at my additional sites and social media:








Dance, Love, Smile… Spryte

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