An Excerpt from “How Barnaby Got His Wings”


She was a mess when I found her. 

That’s how I know she was the one I was here to help.

 My name is Barnaby.  My name means “The Encourager,” and I take my work very seriously, because this is the last time I’m going to be a dog. I’m ascending to the Angel Realm, for real this time, and I need to make this last time count. 

How do I know I’m ascending? Well we dogs have a more direct route to “supernatural connection” than you humans do – our minds are simple, so they don’t get in the way too much. I say “too much” because we are here on Earth, so we have our Karma from previous lives to burn off too. Just like you do.  

But more on that later. 

She was the love of …all of my lives… put together.


He was my soulmate. Heaven sent. And though I was in a relationship with a man at the time I found him…or more like, he found me, somehow I knew this from the beginning…that He (Barnaby), not this Man, was actually my soulmate. I know that sounds weird. Absurd even. Bizarre and woo woo for sure. 

What I didn’t know at the time though is this: I may have adopted him from a dog shelter… but he would save me. 

Yes, he was the one who rescued Me.

I didn’t want another dog. 

It was 8 years since my last dog died, and I was still not ready. The pain had been too great. I will never lose a dog again I had told myself. But my fiance at the time had other plans and for what it’s worth, lets just say, talked me into it. We were living on a 25-acre farm – it was just plain “time” to get dogs. Period. I resisted it as long as I could. But I am grateful beyond grateful for his persistence.

I pretended at first to be “ready” and began pursuing rescue websites from around the area, flipping  through page after page of dog photos.  

It seemed strange to try to find a dog like you were using a dating site. I was never lucky with those, so just maybe I wouldn’t be lucky with this search too, and I could keep stalling my fiance. Occasionally he would ask me, and I’d say “Yes yes, of course, I’m looking.”

 “Do you want to just go to a shelter?,” he’d ask.


And then, about two months into the process, just before Christmas 2010 …oh…there …he … was!

I was on the website of a local shelter. And just found myself scrolling and scrolling, hitting that down cursor button, again and again, a bit mindlessly.

It was instant love.  My heart just knew. 

You know – the way you “know” anything, like how you know that car is going to turn right even though it never signaled. You just… know.

My whole self knew. 

And it totally stunned me. 

My heart actually began racing and my palms got sweaty when I saw his photo. 

Over a dog?

But those were always signs for me, not “turn and run”, but “keep following.” Those were signposts to pursue my “next edge” whatever that may be. At times, it could be an actual physical fear, like climbing a rope ladder of the tallest tree vista in the Ecuadorian Amazon forest with nothing between you and the ground but air, thin planks of wood, and a loose roop to hold on to, that produced those physical signs in my body. It could be the pursuit of a dream that feels far bigger than me at the time, even though I know it’s what I am here to do. 

And in this case, it was Barnaby. 

 He was actually posing for the camera the moment I saw him. 

And that makes me laugh out loud right now. Because his personality came beaming through the computer screen then, just as it had, ever since , everywhere, anytime…all the time. 

He was sitting straight up and all proper like, with his chin up. A brindle colored mix of browns, auburn, red.  And there was his right front paw,gracefully placed over his other paw. One bright white, right paw, standing out like a sore thumb or in this case a beacon of hope, light, and love.

And I instantly heard a voice when I saw his photo, in my head, saying, “ I’m Yours”. 

And stranger still,  I heard myself say out loud to the computer screen “Oh, you are sooo mine.”

I quite shocked myself at that moment. But had no choice but to follow my melting, racing heart, when I heard the voice come back to say, “Yes, you are mine too.” 

Thus began our nine and a half year, lifetimes-long, journey.

Thank you for reading. If you are curious what’s next, I invite you to stay in touch with the journey of bringing his messages and our story to the world through this private Facebook Group :

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