Hanging Out in South Central with Arch Angel Michael

Do you believe in Arch Angel Michael’s power of protection? If not, this true story may inspire a new possibility. If so, you hopefully will be reminded to call on him often.

“What do you mean, we can’t get Police presence?!”

“I’m sorry Ma’am; there is just too much going on in LA at this time. We can’t spare the extra vehicles. We will send you one squad car – and I can’t guarantee it will stay with you all day.”

Those words come rushing back to my memory as I pull my car into a metered space facing the Pacific Ocean, and turn off the ignition. I feel sick in my stomach from worry, and I notice my hands are sweaty as I lift them from the steering wheel. It’s 6:30am. In a couple of hours from now, I will be welcoming seven huge semi-trucks full of food and personal care items that have been making their way the past few days from the east coast. Their destination is the street in front of The Salvation Army in South Central Los Angeles. And that street is the demarcation line between the Crypts and the Bloods – the two deadliest and notorious rival gangs in Los Angeles.  Today is December 15, 2008.

My mind races back over the last several weeks of preparation for the single largest food distribution in US history occurring simultaneously between Los Angeles and New York. Today we are preparing to provide 5000 low-income families with food, bottled water, and personal care items to last a month, and even a few toys, since it’s just days before Christmas. After receiving that call from the Los Angeles Police Department, my staff and I did all we could, making calls and sending releases and letters to the Mayor’s office and the press, in effort to gain support. Don’t they realize how dangerous this is? How can they give us one car to protect 7 semi’s of free stuff people want and 5000 families, on the border line between two rival gangs? “It makes no sense; this can’t be happening,” I say out loud as I feel my heartbeat loudly in my chest. All I can see is the vision from last year, when I was in Harlem watching 10,000 family’s gather to receive food, and seeing what looked like a hundred police officers, and squad cars on every corner as far as you could see!

“Spryte, we have to have police presence! This is too dangerous a mission without it.” I had received this warning from the lead organizer from Feed The Children, who was supplying the trucks and supplies, a couple weeks back, but I had been unsuccessful in gaining more support, and there was nothing I could do now, but let the trucks arrive.

Nothing else. But pray.

“Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel Michael, I really need your help, right now.” I feel tears beginning to sting my eyes as I stare out at the blue waves crashing into shore. I put my shaking hands on my beating chest and close my eyes, “I need a million of your warrior Angels, as many as you can spare, to surround the entire area of South Central where we will be. Please! Please, help us all be safe today.”

I continue under my breath to plead, “Please, please, please send your warrior angels,” and open my wet eyes to see a single white seagull flying in from over the water, and within two seconds lands on the electrical wire hanging directly in front of me. I instantly know this is Arch Angel Michael – I know because I can feel a warm comforting heat emanating from my heart, and I feel the tightness in my stomach beginning to ease off. I take a deep breath and sigh.

“Thank you,” I’m saying, as just then behind the white seagull my eyes catch glimpse of a strange sight. I find myself squinting to understand this black formation in the sky way off in the distance that is making its way closer to the shore, via a zig-zag pattern that reminds me of a swarm of bees! But as the swarm gets closer I can see it’s a flock of black birds, swooshing their way through the blue sky, and expertly landing evenly on either side of the single white seagull! There must have been fifteen birds on either side of HIM! An uncontrollable wailing of tears pours out from me as I realize that Arch Angel Michael’s Warrior Angels have just arrived!

“Thank you, thank you, thank you….” Over and over is all I can say, and I start laughing hysterically, feeling a complete assurance that all will be well. With a wet face, giddiness in my heart, and confidence, I start the ignition, taking one final look at my Band of Angels patiently all eyeing me from the wire. I know they will be protecting us today. And I give them a farewell military salute with a giggle.

When I arrive to the site, and see the trucks begin to roll in and line the streets (an awesome sight to behold) Lisa, one of my volunteer staff, walks over to me, and says, “We did all we can do; I don’t think any more police are coming. I’m so sorry.”

“Arch Angel Michael’s got us today. It’s going to be okay,” I smile and give her a hug.

And, you know – it was.


Look for Miracles – everywhere you go and for everyone you know.

Dance, Love, Smile…Spryte


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