Introduction/Open Your Mouth and Say AAHH

(This is the Introduction Excerpt from my upcoming EBook, “Open Your Mouth and Say AAHH: Seven Truths that Activate Your Most Joyous, Creative, Blissful Life” I am sharing it as a gift to the Followers of my blog. I hope you enjoy, and I look forward to sharing the completed book with you!)


Have you ever taken a deep breath in and then released it with an aaaaaahhhhhh? Sure you have. Have you noticed when it is that you do this aahh? Is it before or after a particular kind of event? Bet you never stopped to think about it, right? It’s just one of those things in life that just “is.” Like a reflex that feels good and goes mostly unnoticed. However, aahh is something we all do when we are tired, overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, suppressing a true feeling, excited, anxious, during and after orgasm, when we are sad, and when we are elated.

Wow, we actually do it a lot.

For some of us humans who are less vocal, and dare I say even suppressed, that aahh sounds more like a strained air leak on a tire, and all we hear is air, or worse it sounds like someone stepped on a rubber chicken with the squeaker broken, and it comes out like a wheeze or a geez. Others let out their aahh unabashedly. Those are the people who usually get the one raised eyebrow from across the table, or the quick backward glance and chuckle from strangers (even you – come on you know you’ve done it). Western society doesn’t value vocal self-expression. We’ve been taught to “be still and quiet”

But no matter when we do it, or why we do it, or how loud or soft we do it, it just plain feels good, right? Yeah, we LOVE to do it – we love to aahh. Have you even stopped to wonder why it feels good? And why you automatically aahh at times? I mean, really, you don’t even have to think about it do you, your body just does it.

How so? Did anyone actually teach you to aahh? Did your mom come into your room one day and say, “Now sweetie, this is what you do when you’re feeling overwhelmed and it will help you feel better?” Actually she’d be a pretty conscious mom for doing so, and parents or soon to be parents will benefit their kids by actually taking the time to teach them what is in this book. Why? Because the great aahh goes mostly unnoticed by us throughout our day and most of us our lives, and yet it has so many benefits that if we were more conscious of our aahh, we would recognize it as a great built-in tool for well-being! Indeed, it’s true – we have built in tool for accessing our very essence – our emotional and spiritual self, for dealing with and releasing painful or stuck energy, experiencing greater wisdom and creativity all in one simple form that you don’t have to go anywhere to access, or rely on anyone else’s support to access. Pretty cool.

It’s why I’m writing this book. Because even though our aahh is indeed innate, it’s because we aren’t conscious of it, we aren’t using its full power – put another way, when we are conscious of our aahh, we harness a lightning rod gifted us at birth that activates our human potential. And I also wanted to take a stab at making these truths easy and fun to grasp. I find that when something is fun, I do it; I want to do it. I bet you know people like that too (you might be one of them, like me). I think there are plenty of really deep, profound and intellectually written books on the subject of accessing your human potential, in fact, I’ve read quite a few, which have all helped me discover my aahh. So this book will be hopefully a fun and potentially simple journey through what I’ve discovered from some greats who’ve gone before me, and some greats I got to pal and partner with along the way, who are contributing to this book, as well as the divine wisdom that has flowed through me direct from Spirit, while opening to my aahh that I am meant to share with you.

In this book I’m not only going to teach you the seven truths that activate your greatest joy, creativity and bliss, but I’m also going to teach you why your aahh is potentially your best friend. And how not to be ashamed of your aahh, how to stop stuffing your aahh, and how to embrace, and dare ye, even celebrate your aahh!

Your aahh when fully opened to, recognized and celebrated will help you:

  • Unlock hidden emotions that are sabotaging your life;
  • Become more present to the moment;
  • Connect more deeply with spirit and your inner wisdom;
  • Connect more deeply with another person;
  • Fall in love with your essence and frequency;
  • Fall in love with your voice (yeah, because some of you hate your voice, be honest);
  • Break free from habitual unhealthy patterns from childhood;
  • See life with wonder, as if you were a child again;
  • Access your creative genius at any time of the day or night;
  • Bust through creative expression blocks;
  • Experience full body orgasms;
  • And much more, like feeling more joyful and free. (But yeah, I know you’re still stuck on the previous statement. Warning: NO skipping ahead to the sex chapter!)

There are Seven Truths that I’ll be sharing and exploring with you here.

  1. Your Emotional Body is Real.
  2. Your Aahh is like the Thread of the fabric of your life.
  3. Aahh is the most spiritual sound in the universe.
  4. Aahh opens your energy body making mediation easy and fun.
  5. Your Aahh can spark your Awe in life.
  6. Sex is more fulfilling when Aahh is your partner.
  7. Aahh is the most accessible tool every life artist has to release creative blocks- almost instantly.

So, where did all this information I’m sharing come from? And who am I to be sharing it with you? It was in December of 2012 that I posed a question to my Angels, “If there was one thing that would weave together all that I’ve discovered about spiritual growth and that has made my life as magical as it is that I could share with others, what would that be?” And the instant I was finished asking, I Aahh’d, and felt that incredible sensation of peace, and clarity that comes with it. There was zero hesitation. I knew that I would begin compiling all of what’s ended up here in this book.

My first introduction to the Aahh Process (though it wasn’t actually called that; I can’t recall if it had a name) in an actual learning environment, occurred in what might seem the strangest of all places – an acting class. The year was 1998, and being in that class and learning this process opened an entirely new world for me. I’ll share with you the bizarre series of events that led me there. You see I was not a drama student growing up, in fact I never got near the arts, except to watch from a distance.

Let me just start by saying that I have always felt a very deep, personal and strong connection to spirit and my Angels. Since my very first memories I felt touched and watched by Angels. At four I remember seeing an Angel above me as I was falling asleep and if I woke in the night, the site of the Angel would put me back to sleep. Now some may say it’s because my mother used to tell me the Catholic Angel prayer before bed. It went like this, “There are four corners on my bed. There are four Angels on my spread. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. God bless this bed that I lay on.” And that may indeed be true. So be it. What I know is that “thoughts create things” and I’m perfectly happy with the possibility I willed Angels into existence! I was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by a single mom with six of us (me being the youngest). My siblings were a lot older than me, so I spent a great deal of time alone. I spent so much time alone in fact, that for years I had this picture of me holding the hand of my best friend at about age four, but on closer inspection, my friend was a life-size doll! When I was alone I created and made up all sorts of people to talk to. I believed I could see Angels and Fairies and conversed with them. And I was constantly orchestrating some kind of drama – typically where I was the boss woman in charge of a film production or a successful organization of some kind. I am sure I got much of this from my mother, who was fiercely independent from a young age, having lost her mother to a pulmonary embolism and a father to divorce, and felt responsible to raise her two younger brothers. After my father left, she worked her way up from being an RN (without a degree) to a Nursing Home Administrator, and was the first woman appointed by the Governor of Wisconsin to the Patient Advocacy Board. I remember in my many hours alone, talking to my pretend subordinates the way I heard my mom talk to her real ones – taking charge and making situations and people work better – she was great at it (much better than I ever was).

So, my fantasy life of being with people in a variety of situations was rich, but when it came to the real world, I was terrified to connect with people. I felt inadequate in social settings, not feeling I had anything important to contribute. I learned to push myself off the wall and like a perfect little chameleon adapt to whoever was in front of me and “become” who was needed to have a conversation. It wasn’t until my early thirties that I began losing my fear of connecting to “real” people, and my fear of self-expression. I say “began losing” instead of saying “lost” because it’s been a journey of self-discovery that has lasted nearly twenty years. Most people see me as an extrovert, and very comfortable in large social gatherings. On the contrary, I’m actually an introvert (meaning I gain energy from being alone) and all these years I’ve masked an outgoing personality, in order to cover up this feeling of inadequacy and awkwardness I’ve always felt in social situations, and frankly because it was needed for me to do the work I chose to do in this world, which was rather public. Ending up in an acting class probably doesn’t sound that strange to you, based on what you just read about me. You might say I had a natural propensity towards it from my upbringing. However, there was no room for anything but a “serious” career for me from the get go.

We grew up rather poor. I define poor as we always had food and medical and a safe, clean home to live, but I remember being embarrassed eating jelly sandwich and banana, while my friends ate the delicious smelling hot lunch in the school cafeteria. We never went without what was truly needed, and my mother, who refused to go on welfare, was the queen of stretching a buck and improvising. I’ll never forget my favorite Christmas, at five years old, and her first Christmas as a single parent with no child support. My mother was terrified and distraught as distraught can be to face this important day for her six children with just $15. But she did. She bought us all new pajamas at the bargain basement store and a puppy! I couldn’t have been happier. However, as I got older, and began to see little differences that set up a dilemma in my mind, like wanting to be invited to my neighbor’s house for lunch because they always had the Spaghetti-O’s with the little meatballs, and if we had them in the house at all, they were always the plain kind. I could feel myself over the years focusing on a desire for money, which then became as I got into high school, a deliberate focus on everything that was about being “successful” in a career where I could make a lot of money. I was determined to make something of myself so that I could have all the “things” I dreamed of.

Being the youngest, I had it far better than my siblings. Each couple of years we moved to accommodate my mother being able to increase her salary. In fact by the time I got to high school I hadn’t lived in one place for more than two years. As we moved and her salary increased, my mother spoiled me, and she gave me the opportunity eventually that my older siblings didn’t get. I got to go to college and not have to work my way through, but was gifted with the opportunity to focus on my studies. Surprisingly, as a high school student with a 2.1 GPA, I finished my college days Summa Cum Laude and Valedictorian, and went right into the business world, anxious to pursue my financial dreams. So, when my income felt too limited at my first job out of college, I left to start my own business at age 23. Within five years I was awarded Small Press Publisher of the Year, and in another two years I was “living the dream” brokering container quantity liquidations from major manufacturers, where our average sale was over $50,000, a penthouse office overlooking the ocean in Newport Beach, CA, regular travel staying at 5 Star resorts, shopping whenever I felt like it, always eating out at expensive restaurants, sending money back home to Mom, hanging out with people who owned multi-million, even billion dollar, companies, and had an ego the size of Texas.

Soon a lifestyle of abandoned decadence, and ignoring the small voice inside that got louder and louder till it screamed to get my attention, came crashing down. At the age of 31 I lost it all – my home, my luxury car, my husband, and was diagnosed with glaucoma – talk about a dark night of the soul. I found myself without an income and with a bruised pride. I moved to Los Angeles and did my best to “get back on the horse,” networking and doing everything I had ever learned to get business going again, but this time none of the old ways of being, tricks and tools worked. It was one dead end after another, and living on money loving friends had given me, or loaned me. Desperate, I sat in meditation one morning, and began to cry. I opened my eyes, looked up and raising my hands to the sky, asked, “What?? What do you want me to do?!” And I heard a soft, serene voice from within.

“What did you always want to do that you never did because of your ego?” came the response to my plea.

There was no hesitation. Immediately the words “waitressing” came flying out of my mouth audibly and I physically put my hand over my mouth to stop it! No way, I thought. I cannot go from owning a million dollar company to being a waitress! My ego would not allow it. I fought the intuition for three months, until I was in a position where I was once again almost out of borrowed money. The pain of asking friends for more money was greater than my pride, and I set out to find a waitressing job. (Back then I was still making decisions based on what would cause me the least amount of pain, versus what would bring me the most joy! A habit I’ve gratefully shifted. And finding my aahh helped me do that.)

I waitressed for two years and loved it! Once I was able to deal with my humiliation, I couldn’t wait to get to my job each day. It was there I discovered my love and gift for service that has become the cornerstone of my life. And it also gave me the time I needed and just enough cash, to begin diving into all the things I never gave myself opportunity to before – like painting, dancing, writing and yes, acting!

So here I am in Los Angeles in an acting class, learning to further deal with my ego, which had kept me from expressing my true inner self, and closed me off from my “feeling self.” And this wonderful teacher, (I so with I could remember his name) gave us our “aahh” as a tool to access our emotional body at any moment. I was stunned. When I first started using this Aahh Process I was overwhelmed with how much emotion I had inside of me that I had locked away as the “in control, got it together business building and money maker.” And for a girl and woman who had learned not to show my emotion, or take time for it because “there’s too much work to do” (that’s the voice of my Mother and her life path which I adopted unconsciously by the way), and who could cry easily during a sappy commercial like the ones from AT and T back then – but who couldn’t cry when it really mattered (like when I was connecting with another person, especially a love partner), the Aahh Process instantly gave me access to a part of me I didn’t know existed – my emotional body. And once I had regained access to this hidden part of me, the doors of my mind and heart flew open, and I was suddenly curious again about everything Spiritual as I had been as a child – I was ravenous.

As a youngster, I loved the supernatural world, sneaking books on magic and past life regression into the house at fifteen, and exploring and practicing telepathy with my best friend Kristen. We had gotten so good at sending each other telepathic messages we could do it in the middle of a rock concert. And even through my twenties as I attended yoga and psychic classes, it was all just sandwiched between this obsessions for making money. So this was an important time for me, where I could really be present solely on my spiritual journey – it was an incredible gift I gave myself – and one not at all understood nor embraced by my family however. The idea that I could be so “successful” and then sit around and do nothing but be a part-time waitress was as foreign to my family as if I had said I was going to join the Peace Corps – but worse. But there was a call inside of me – it was almost like a fierce tugging on my soul at times, which propelled me to explore myself through many therapeutic and healing modalities.

I was on a mission to discover what kind of person I had be to have created such a mess of my life! Through this opening and expanding process of soul searching via Rebirthing, Reparenting, Gestalt Therapy, Primal Scream, Reiki, Color Therapy, Tantra, Sound Healing, Yoga, Shamanic and Journeying work, meditation and developing my inner Artist, I found the most important aspect to my healing, and opportunity for a new life where I could reach my true potential – self-forgiveness. I also found a healing modality that led me to my next career, as an Emotional Trauma Therapist.

You’ll hear more of my story as we proceed. But I’d like to send you on to the juicy content of the next chapter with this. “Take what you like and leave the rest.” That single phrase I learned at age 21 when I first entered into the Al-Anon Twelve Step program (which became my spiritual home for nine years), has served me so tremendously. It’s allowed me to stay open to ideas, people and opportunities, which at first glance I might have judged. It allows me to explore with an open mind and heart cultural and spiritual beliefs of others, having previously given myself permission to let go of any pieces that hit me the wrong way and don’t sit right with my own inner knowing. It allows me to sit in a field of non-judgment when I’m offered something new, and has been one the greatest assets to my quest for spiritual understanding.

I do not possess degrees and certificates of advanced learning from institutions that I can impress you with and that may make you feel more comfortable in receiving information from me. That’s not the path I’ve been drawn to, though I don’t judge that path for others. I think it’s a valid path that supports our global evolution. And I know intuitively that the ancient healers and masters and wise ones who passed on knowledge to those who created the schools that continue to emerge today, listened to their wise inner voice that led them to “experience a Spirit within” which created the container for their own personal transformation and enlightenment. I’m an experiencer of life. Life is my school. And as you’ll learn more through these chapters, I have a hard won Ph.D. in… hmmm, what shall I call it? Aahh… Miracle-Life Mastery.

The Aahh Process is designed to really do one thing: Guide you to the inner truth and wisdom that flows through you, and all of us.

Are you ready to be turned on to something so simple that lies right inside your own body (that you’ve had all along), that can open the doors to what you’ve been seeking? Whether that’s more joy, less stress, more clarity of purpose, opening to love, unleashing your creativity, or living a life filled with magic and bliss, I believe you will be amazed at how fun and easy transformation can feel using your Aahh! I’m excited to be in this journey with you.

Let’s proceed! Breathe in deeply – and release… with an audible Aahh (if you dare).


(If you enjoyed reading the Introduction to my next book, please let me know!)

Dance, Love, Smile… Spryte


3 thoughts on “Introduction/Open Your Mouth and Say AAHH

  1. Hello lovely woman! Thank you for sharing all of this. Your intro was more than sufficient for enticing me to read your book. My comments here have nothing to do with your ideas and content, rather more editorial. A spelling error is in the sentence I with I could remember his name. Obviously that should be wish instead of with.
    You have many sentences in parenthesis. I think that takes power away from them and would be better used with a comma, semicolon, or even a separate sentence. My opinion is that parenthesis minimize what is being said.
    You are a dear to share this and I am honored to be included.
    With gratitude and love,

  2. Well, as I read my comments I find many grammatical errors! It should read: A spelling error is in the sentence, “I with I could remember his name.” …..wish instead of with.

    Also; “My opinion is that parenthesis often minimize what is being said,” but I wanted to add, “although at times you use them well.”

    Anyway, great intro, brave sharing and it leaves me wanting more. Ahhh!

    1. AH-Ha Yes – the wonderful need for my editor! 🙂 Thank you Lisa! Its why I said in my previous blog it was coming without my editor and she may wring my neck for it – but I really wanted to share what was coming. Thanks so much for the comments dearest sister!! And so happy you are wanting more. with love and joy!!!

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