Here’s the Real Secret…

A Message from The Miracle Muse

Psst . . . Ten years ago, a movie was made called “The Secret,” which was the first of its kind. It opened the door for millions around the globe to learn about the metaphysical laws of the universe that are the keys to living a better life. However, there have always been references to discovering the secrets to a fulfilling life, to success, to the love you want, and so on.

If there is actually one last secret for you, it is this: you already know all the secrets. How do I know? Because you wouldn’t be on my list, or in my community, if you didn’t. You already know, either by being exposed to these secrets through countless hours spent on books you have read, audios you have listened to, workshops you have attended, or through your own inner voice. You do not need to attend one more seminar to learn any more SECRETS—there are no new secrets you are going to discover. You may be surprised to read this. And no, I’m not interested in enrolling you into a “funnel” of anything that will “help you discover or unlock the secrets” to what you are seeking or think you are missing out on. There is nothing you need to uncover or that needs to be revealed to you.

A great shift has already taken place on the planet—it has been occurring in increasing intensity over the last thirty years. And, for you, it is no longer about discovering or learning the secret to anything—there are no more secrets. All the information you could need and want about just about anything is all COMPLETELY FREE—completely available at ANY TIME through simple searches online—more free and great information than you can read, see, and listen to in your lifetime! There is also no “missing out.” You’re not too late. If you missed that live broadcast or event, you didn’t miss out. The veils of illusion and ignorance that kept the majority of the human race stuck have already been lifted. Some people are still discovering the secrets, but not you. For you, it’s now simply about CHOICE.

What choices are you making?

Taking responsibility for and stepping into your chosen life versus your programmed life is not about discovering the secret to anything. Start living a miracle life right this moment by acknowledging the truth about you: that you already know the secret to success, the secret to health, the secret to having the love you want, the secret to money. Say it. Out loud. “I already know the secret to (fill in the blank).”

Now, CHOOSE thinking and actions aligned with what you already know.

That’s it. It is said that “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the life you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

So how do you do it? When you feel stuck in programmed responses and the results they bring, how do you choose thinking and action that is aligned with what you already know (but maybe have forgotten)? Again, it is no secret. You already know that, too, and here is a reminder.

  1. You must be aware of your Self: your thoughts, your feelings, and the actions you take or don’t take.
  2. In order to be aware, you must slow down. Breathe, get quiet, let go of the distractions of emails, chatty conversations, the television, and Facebook, and face yourself honestly.
  3. You must be willing to do what is different from what you have done in the past, and then do what is uncertain (beyond the program), which is usually the very thing you don’t want to do. (Yeah! Because it’s uncertain and therefore scary.)
  4. You must let go of self-will and know that Divine Will (the highest vision for you, which comes from beyond this physical life and not from your ego vision) is always leading you and is what you really want. You must know that what it has in store for you is grander than your ego can possibly create—the difference between a limited and an unlimited possibility of YOU. In other words, you must believe that the universe is a friendly place and is working with you, and that you are meant to have, be, do more than you were taught or told.

Spirit is the way of the now. Actually, it always has been, but until now, we have been too confused and lost in the dogmas of religions or science, giving our true creative power away to others, believing we are somehow broken or born full of sin. We have rejected or pushed away spiritual connection in favor of logical, practical application, believing science and spirit are separate—that everything is separate—instead of believing in our own true power, which pours THROUGH each and every connected ONE of us from unlimited Source Energy, Creator, Spirit.

Awakening to our greatest potential has opened up for the masses because the masses are awakening! Picture it like this: each new awakened mind and heart, each awakened consciousness, is like another pinprick of light showing through a dark veil. Now, millions of pinpricks are popping faster and faster, each one giving light and access to awakening to those just about to pop, until there is more light shining through than there is darkness.

 229-934x                           lightbody

This IS where the human race is now.

More people are living out and living in miracles than at any other time (in recorded history, anyway). Access your life of miracles. Access your life of greatest Self. Not by unlocking any new secrets; there are none. Choose thoughts and actions that align with what you already know, which comes to you from your deepest self. And begin experiencing a life of miracles.

Dance, Love, Smile… Spryte

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