The Blessing

I am blessed.

So blessed.

Gifts every day – support from everywhere.

That feed my needs.

That feed my body, my heart and soul.

The Angels – all around me.

Blessings abound from each smile, each hand, each twinkle of an eye that is happy to see me.

And happy to give to me.

I decided, you see, long ago,

That the world is a friendly place.

That the world is a playground for my and your evolution, service, learning,

And that it responds to deliberate thoughts of LOVE towards it.

These thoughts stream back to me, through the miles and hours past, to bless me

Here and Now.

Always and Forever.

Never demanding of life – just grateful for what is.

As it is.

Come dance with me in a world that is blessed.

Come LOVE with me, those whom know not this Gift – and live in a world of self-created fear.

That LOVE may open their eyes to the joys and peace they have yet to Receive.

But that awaits patiently, abundantly, serenly to bless,

In this life.

Or the next.

May they too know,

The Choice, always that of the Soul, never of the Creator.

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