A World of Hope

I know a man who is in his sixties. He lost his wife, the love of his life. He didn’t know when or how it would happen and how it would affect his life. It devastated him. It took him out of the normal flow of connection, joy, abundance, and grace he has lived his life as for the decades they were together. He’s now trying to find his way through fitting his life into several boxes, letting go of the rest. Looking off towards the horizon at a world that he knows has treated him well and kindly. And holding a stiff chin determined to make a new life. Doing what he is unsure of. It’s a journey none of us would ask for at any age, let alone that age. And he is doing so with grace.

I know a woman who is in her fifties. A single mom of two, and victim of abuses that could have killed her, she made it through the many tough years. She did the right things; was an honest and hardworking, modest woman. She never took advantage. She didn’t aspire to much, but enough; enough to stay the course, keep learning about herself, see her kids grow to be fine citizens and to be safe – and that is that. Six months ago she was layed off, and still has not found a job. She’s studying for the GED she never got. Computers elude her. She wonders, “Where is there a place for me in today’s world? Are not my hands, a willingness to sweat, and an honest heart still valuable to someone?” And each day she prays, and she trusts, and knows in her heart that there is a new day for her, a new way.

I know a woman in her late forties, who has a brain tumor. She beautiful, fit, a surgeon, educated, and in service to others. She has financial means. She is able to access the greatest brain surgeons. And soon she will have surgery and take her chances. In the meantime, she is learning, soaking up everything she can, that perhaps she wasn’t as open to before the tumor came. She finds it fascinating that it took a tumor to gain her access to experiences and knowledge that has made her life so rich, and more interesting. All things that were always right there in front of her, in fact, even offered to her at times in the past, which she turned away – now she embraces, and each day is a miracle.

I share their stories because each of them inspires me. Someone asked me the other day to tell them, who inspires me. And it was these everyday people who came to mind, not the celebrities, not the business leaders, not the ones on the stages across the world.  The faces that came to me were the faces of these incredibly courageous souls, who perhaps got to a place in life where they thought the worst was probably behind them, only to be facing what looks like the greatest challenges of their lives. I think it takes great courage to choose to keep learning, to choose to not complain, to choose to stand up and not allow yourself to be the victim. It takes the greatest courage to witness life going in the opposite direction you ever imagined, and to hold your head up high, as it puts you to the test.

I’ve had incredible wins, successes, losses and failures in my life. My dark night came soon after my late twenties, when I had a penthouse office suite over-looking the ocean in Newport Beach, California. By age 30 I was living on a friends couch, broke. I’m grateful, it set my life on a direction I could not have and certainly never would have “chosen” on my own – Spirit and the part of Me that is always Spirit Conscious had other plans. My experiences taught me that I can survive, and that I can thrive, and that I can experience great abundance and that I can live so happily with so little.  Mostly they taught me that I’m never alone. That the world is full of hope. That Spirit has me ever safe, no matter how dire my life has looked.

What I’ve learned is that I truly don’t know what tomorrow will look like. But today and in this moment I have hope. Hope carries me moment to moment, and that is all I know for sure. The rest is all pumped up ego chatter. The ego likes to think it knows what tomorrow will bring, if “I just do this or that.” But any man or woman who has stood face to face with losing everything will tell you different. That is actually my greatest success – knowing this to be true – my complete happiness and fulfillment is in my fully conscious moment – and that is enough.

Spirit will always point you to a new day and a new opportunity for greatness. Just like a root being pulled by the sun above to grow, reach, stretch, so we too are called, each day. We just need to follow the path of the light and let it grow us up so that others may look upon us and see the way to go.

To my friends who are in transition – so many right now on the planet – keep faith. If you lose it, chose it again, and again. Know that the energy on the planet has indeed shifted. It has. It happened from last July and is still shifting through April. The Shift is the shedding of twenty million veils between the world of three dimension reality (what we see) and the real world beyond ( that which we don’t see). What it really means is that as long as we are in alignment with our soul plan, our life plan will flow. People, resources, wisdom that we need shows up readily without the drag of long time periods for us to see it. Rejoice in this – a world of hope is real.  Claim it. And allow it. And thank you for your inspiration.

love and joy, Spryte

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