My Dog and Hog Futures Are the Way to True Love.

Laughter—it is one of my favorite things about me. And I’m so grateful right now that I have found my laughter again. It’s not that I had lost it completely; to people who don’t know me well, or haven’t known me for long, they might even say they think I laugh a lot. But you see, I know my real self (as you know your real self). And the laughter I feel and hear come out of me today feels like a “welcome home.”

While I was watching my dog the other day I had a funny thought that had me in my own secret laugh-fest for hours. He had found a playmate on our walk. And they did the normal dog thing—you know. Sniff-sniff in the front; Sniff-sniff in the back; Sniff-sniff—again in the back!

And I thought, you know, that that’s a really good metaphor for our life journeys. There’s a lot of sniffing around that needs to happen. What’s cool about being an intuit, and sharpening that skill, is that we become more and more like dogs. You know, they KNOW right away from one sniff —sometimes way before the sniff—if that dog is one they want to hang out with or not. It would save us a lot of time, energy, pain, and suffering to have that skill, don’t you think? I would know within seconds if you’re the kind of person to frolic and play with, or if I am better off tucking tail and heading the other direction while you dig that hole you’re working on so passionately. I’m just so glad I don’t have to sniff your butt to find out!

Instead of sniffing butts, some people use humor to connect with others and spread their messages. Wavy Gravy is not just a name of an ice cream by Ben & Jerry. He’s a real man: a political activist turned hippie turned clown and peace activist. He’s one of the bravest people I’ve never met (but hope to one day). Years ago he formed a nonprofit organization (Seva Foundation), which needed to come up with a campaign to raise awareness and funds to help stop the number one killer in third world countries (at the time): diarrhea, a very serious disease. It is a sad fact that it is a deadly illness.

The campaign slogan he came up with and that was launched with rousing success?

“No Shit.”

Wavy was quoted as saying, “If you don’t have a sense of humor, it just isn’t funny.” By the way, today’s number one killer in developing countries is not diarrhea, although it’s still ranked just as high as lung infections, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria, according to the World Health Organization. Today the number one killer is complications during pregnancy and childbirth, often taking both mother and infant.

Maybe we need to launch a campaign called . . .

“What the Fuck?”

I love to laugh. My final thought on laughter that I’ll leave you with today, as we awaken and deepen together, is this: One of my favorite movies is Michael, with John Travolta. It’s the one where he plays the smoking, drinking, sex-craved archangel Michael. I love the scene where he’s in the back of the station wagon and the radio announcer doing the Farm Report comes on and says, “. . . and Hog Futures is down by one third . . .” and Michael busts out laughing! “Hog Futures? Hog Futures?” he laughs. (Like, really, it is pretty silly what the human game creates as so bloody important, isn’t it?) The rest of the crew in the car stare at him, stunned, not knowing what to make of his laughter, and he winks at them and says, “Ah . . . you gotta learn how to laugh. It’s the way to true love.”

8 thoughts on “My Dog and Hog Futures Are the Way to True Love.

  1. Sprytey you never fail to amaze me. I laughed
    my ass off remembering watching Michael
    with you. And the “what the fuck” slogan was
    Inspired. I am so happy that you are blogging and love that you took my suggestion to do it and in 24 hours set up your blog site and added all the muses. You have truly been an inspiration to me over our long and delicious friendship and to everyone who knows
    you, and will come to know you through your writing on this blog and all other blogs that spread your messages on this worldwide web. This is just the beginning of a whole new
    Life and World for you. I look forward to your next installment. I love you dear soul sistah!

  2. Sprytey, I too laughed really hard as I read your blog. You write so well. Heh, You, “right?!” So? Well?
    Our friendship began in Kennedy Airport last July. and then continued as we sat together on the long flight to Liberia. You ARE inspiring and I hope I am to you. Let’s keep in tune with each other.
    Keep on blogging…I love you! Jo

    1. Dear Jo!! You are so inspiring to me – wanna know how? you are just one of those amazing people who doesnt let herself get ruffled too easily, who can go with the flow and find her laughter at times when others can’t; who exudes love, warmth, humor, PLAY, and long lasting friendship. I look forward to really being able to get to know you more now as a friend, and to spend more time together. I cant wait to be back with you in Liberia in February as well and don our exquisite liberian dresses and headdresses!!!! Thankyou for your post and so happy I inspire you as well. much love, Spryte

  3. Thank you, Spryte for this insight! I am glad you are bringing forth the sunshine through your smile. Welcome home. And I LOVE the idea for your new campaign!

  4. Goddess Girl. You are simply AMazing!! I loved this blog, your humor and wit. I too love to laugh and I love “Michael.” One of my faves and a real reminder not to judge a book by it’s cover. Like you I am an intuit and I LOVE that about myself. Learning to let go and go with the flow of whatever is spiraling in my life and to look at the gifts and joy we can create in even the most seemingly harsh moments. That line about laughter being the path to true love is just SO fight on. Thank you for being my friend and for the talks and sharing. I look with joy to so much more. Keep on blogging, not hogging baby (It’s futures are down by 1/3). lol Much love soul sis.

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